The Cartel Kings


What does sponsorship mean to you?

1. Free stuff
2. Bragging rights
3. Impress others

Sorry, The Cartel Kings is not the company for you.

Sending messages like 'Sponsor me' isn't the way to get a sponsorship. You need to fully understand what it is and what is required of you. The best way to get noticed is by just doing what you love, work at it and be the best you can be... You will get noticed!

Sponsorship = Work - plain and simple. Being sponsored isn’t only about getting free stuff, it’s also hard work and dedication and  is not a one-way street.

The Cartel Kings Riding Team

There are different levels of sponsorship we offer, but for the most part, sponsorship is like a job. Our brand is offering you an advertising contract in return for merchandise, and obviously we expect to get something from you in return, promotion of our brand.

Not everyone will get a sponsorship, only the best riders, with the most to offer our business, will be considered for a position on our riding team.

Sponsorship's we offer…

TCK Store Sponsorship

A TCK Store sponsorship is the beginning point of sponsorship. We will offer you discounted products. In exchange for this TCK Store sponsorship, you would wear our store's logo on your gear, or a t-shirt with the store's logo. You may be asked to highlight the shop on your social media accounts, and talk with other riders about your sponsoring shop while at the parks.

This is a good start to sponsorship, you may not be making the big bucks, but you are getting some great training on how sponsorship works.

•    Strong following on social media platforms.
•    Actively posting on social media (Min 1 times weekly).
•    Promote our brand locally (Skateparks etc).

The Cartel Kings Sponsorship

With The Cartel Kings sponsorship, we decide who we want to invest in to receive free products and we have provisions that you exclusively use our products. The Cartel Kings sponsorship is similar to TCK Store sponsorship in that you aren't getting paid to represent a company, but there is an expectation that you are a good representative for the brand and sport in exchange for the gear that will keep you riding, competing, and improving. Expectations are high on full sponsorship, where promotion will drive sales to TCK.

•Strong following on social media platforms (Min 10k)
•Actively posting on social media (Min 4 times weekly).
•Entered into national competitions (eg. ASA).
•Promote our brand locally (Skateparks etc).

The Cartel Kings sponsorship is a way to get your name known and your skills seen, paving the way to bigger opportunities. All our riders receive a profile on our riders page and will receive promotion on our social media platforms whilst wearing TCK apparel.

The Cartel Kings have openings for sponsorship in:

    Skate - 2 positions available
    Scooter - No positions available
    BMX  - 1 position available
    Moto - No positions available

How to apply for sponsorship

Please go to our contact page, complete the contact form with details about yourself, how long you have been riding, what competitions you have entered, all of your social media links etc. A member of our team will then contact you.